Board of Directors and Officers

Board of Directors and Officers

Jim Braddock, Co-Chairman & Co-CEO – Direct0r

Jim Braddock


Your presence in viewing our website is much appreciated. This website that you are about to explore is not just about our business. Instead, it is a tabulation of our perspicacity and wisdom. We hope that you enjoy this website as much as we did as we were creating it for you.  [read more…]

William Pendlebury, Co-Chairman – Director and President
BP2 Website Photo


We are deeply honored for the time and effort you have taken to know us. We pride ourselves in listening to clients, stakeholders and end-users alike and managing to interpret their needs accurately and base our designs to meet with them. [read more…]

Manoel Banawa, Co-Chairman & Co-CEO – Director

Noel Pic ID China


Diamond Point Ltd., is continuously evolving as a corporate entity by developing innovative business models and new technologies that meet the needs of changing times. [read more…]

Ian R. Mallian, Director of Architecture and Structural Engineering

ianGood wishes to you all!

Diamond Point Ltd. is an accumulation of professionals. As for myself, my past experience as a Director of Architecture in numerous companies and active involvement in the development of the future of buildings is your quality assurance of our work and culture in the company.  [read more…]

Michael J Spencer, Director of M.E.P ServicesMike spencer


Diamond Point Ltd is a company who strongly believe that design creates culture, culture shapes values and our values determine the future. We do our best not to push for quantity, but concentrate on quality, which, in my experience, saves everyone time and money. [read more…]

Jamie Adams, Presidential Assistant, Production & Quality Manager

jamie adamsWelcome!

With great pleasure, we hope to be of service to you. Here at Diamond Point Ltd., we are steadfast in our transparency in business achieved through good communications.  I have always striven to meet you and ensure that you are safe and are well in professional hands. [read more…]


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