International Trade

International Trade and Cooperation

Diamond Point Ltd. is a company with worldwide influence. With investments and partnerships around the globe, Diamond Point Ltd. created a fast and efficient highway for products and services. As said, this International Cooperation enables Diamond Point Ltd. affiliated businesses connect with the proper market and gain maximum exposure.

Diamod Point Ltd’s CEO Noel Banawa has been trading since the early 1970’s in the Philippines and his efforts went international during the 1980’s. Herewith, the experience and the influence of Diamond Point Ltd. is the guarantee that the makers behind the corporation ensures to every endeavor they decide to pursue.

Following below are some of the businesses that Diamond Point Ltd. is immersed into: (click the picture to know more about the business)

Christian Banawa
Dr. Felix M. Lao, Jr., Ph.D. (extreme left), National President of the Philippine Marketing Association presents the Marketing Excellence Award to Vice President – Marketing Christian Banawa (Left). Christian Banawa is accompanied by two of his colleagues (right). Picture taken at Westin Philippine Plaza, Manila.
Ian Banawa
Christian Banawa
Vice President
Marketing Division

This accumulation of businesses involved a string of individuals who would make things happen with highest of precision and closest to the determined. The behind the scene next-gen of Diamond Point Ltd. are mentored first-hand by the pioneers of the company. Led by Vice President – Marketing Christian Banawa, Diamond Point Ltd. and the history of successes are the guidelines that will lead to acquire new stories of accomplishments ready to be told.

International Trading is a business that Diamond Point Ltd. has perfected with its long experience. The international influence that Diamond Point Ltd. enjoys guarantees the best result possible for every endeavor. And now, the efficiency of the the people behind the corporation ensures smooth, safe and reliable experience for every clients and its affiliates.

International Cooperation

Jim Braddock
Jim Braddock

Chairman Jim Braddock, President William Pendlebury, and CEO Noel Banawa had a commendable extraordinaire experiences and business ventures around the world. And, together with creating opportunities and businesses, socio-economic, cultural and arts exchange was held and were established as well as the organization, strengthening and promotion of British-American-Asian Friendship/Cooperation. Nevertheless, Humanitarian Project were also part of his worldwide agenda which spanned a lifetime of dedication and commitment.

BP2 Website Photo
William Pendlebury

Now, this accumulation of acquaintances, colleagues, affiliations and partnerships are the very strength and leverage of Diamond Point Ltd’s international relations and global reach. Continuing to create new opportunities and relationships from nation to nation, Diamond Point Ltd. will be the avenue of efficiency and guarantee for any businesses hoping to reach worldwide success .

Noel Banawa
CEO Noel Banawa with USA President Ronald Reagan, Ex-Senator & California Governor Pete Wilson, Los Angeles Mayor Tom Bradley, and, Sacramento, California Mayor Anne Rudin.

Here are some of the Diamond Point Ltd. Affiliate Companies

Diamond Point Ltd. Group of Companies

Power Asia Corporation (UK) Ltd.

Power Asia Holdings Ltd.

Platinum Capital (Europe) Ltd.

Sonata Trading Ltd.

Platinum Universal Motors Ltd.

Fortune Energy Power Ltd.

Diamond Point  Ltd. International Trade Division is one of the active division of Diamond Point Ltd. for many years. With its main office in the United Kingdom, and Regional Offices in Hong Kong, Mainland China, Japan, South Korea, and the Philippines, including, in the U.S.A. the company was able to trade internationally;  with various commodities which includes sales and marketing, and global distribution, formulation and global distribution, mining and buy/sell gold trade. In lieu to this businesses, Diamond Point Ltd. and its affiliate companies and collaborating organizations continues to design, innovate, discover and create opportunities for global trading and business development furthering the expansion, influence and reach of the said companies. The industries today are being revolutionized and new ones are being created and this cooperation empowers both companies and the clients that they are in business with. This partnership aims not just to reach the future, instead, it adheres to create today the global industries of the next millennia.

More about Diamond Point Ltd. (click here)

As written above, the makers and affiliates of Diamond Point Ltd. evidently showed prowess in their respective fields and industries. These are just a few of the people behind the company. More of them follows in the pictures below. They empower the company and strengthen the business due to their lifelong reputable and successful works in their chosen field of trade. Click the picture to know more about them and their association with Diamond Point Ltd..

Click their picture below to know them more.

The years of Diamond Point Ltd. has been high-yielding and visionary. The windfall of friendship and partnership, by far, was most empowering amongst the multitude of successes, the compelling breakthroughs and the impressive innovations. Here, your friendship is our business. This is an oak-strong binding element that we cultivate in our corporate culture.

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