Petrochemical Products

Diamond Point Ltd., through its global influence and reach, have been conducting sales and purchases transaction for Oil, Gas and other Oil and Gas Derivatives. Over the years, Diamond Point Ltd. always guaranteed a reputable and reliable trade ethics and professionalism making our clients adhere to our company; thus, friendship, which rooted from business, was developed, and other opportunities was created with particulars in the oil and gas industry. Hereafter, new colleagues and partnerships were acquired which expanded and empowered Diamond Point Ltd. into a global solution for trade in the oil and gas industry.


Recently, Diamond Point Ltd. has arranged and concluded a major supply contract for five (5) years under a yearly sales and purchase contract for the supply of Crude Oil, Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), D-2, D-6, Jet Fuel and oil and other oil and gas derivatives respectively for major companies in Mainland China, Singapore, European Countries and other countries with provision directly from various major oil refineries. Shipments will commence in December 2018.  In addition, Diamond Point Ltd. has created a team to research, develop, and construct projects for the development and promotion  of the Oil and Gas Industry for the said countries above. In lieu, Diamond Point Ltd. also conducts trading activities as a consulting and management firm for crude oil products, Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), Mazut, M-100, D-2, jet fuel, and other oil derivatives. Diamond Point Ltd. can also arrange contracts for refining and processing of crude oil, and can also participate as a collaborator in the said energy transaction, particularly, in Mainland China and with other countries.

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