9B US$ Project for the African Region


Diamond Point Ltd., together with our consortium of Financial – Technological and Development Team has been invited by several countries in the African Region to co-participate in the proposed “Power Generation Plant Project” integrated with a “Kenaf Agri-Business and Infrastructure Projects”.

The Kenaf Plant is dubbed as one of the major sources for the empowerment of “The Green Energy” that most believed to be the future and solution to the depleting natural resources. With its fast growth rate and multiple usage for various industries, particularly in paper and energy, the Kenaf Plant will help conserve all the other natural resources which were abused due to high demands.

The concerned offices of the African Region has indicated that the initial studies confirmed that all key drivers are in place for establishing and operating a viable power generation plant project with a combined total aggregate amount of +US$ 9 Billion integrated with Kenaf Farm Project for the ever increasing demand for kenaf pulp with emphasis in the export of said kenaf pulp to Japan, certain countries in Europe and other worldwide market similar to the Diamond Point Ltd. Group led consortium proposed environmental and energy project development-technology financing undertaking in Mainland China and in other Asean countries, including, the Philippines utilizing the Diamond Point Ltd. Global Power’s consortium of development – technological – financial team members, including, in the heat recovery under the energy conservation program thus contributing to the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM). Diamond Point Ltd. Group is also involved in similar undertaking in other countries, and we have been apprised that the proposed Power Generation Plant integrated with Kenaf Agri-business project in the African Region’ identified location meet economy of scale in  power industries and ecological project criteria and dovetails with Africa’s over-arching socio-economic, industrialization, and development policies. The establishment of the said undertaking is expected to result in thousand of new jobs and spin-off economic development outside of certain countries in the African Region’s existing high-growth regions. This is true as well for certain countries in the African Region in particular.

In view of the foregoing, Diamond Point Ltd. together with its consortium of technological – development and financial team seeks to establish a mutually beneficial relationship that will contribute to Africa’s socio-economic, energy and energy conservation program projects in line with the Global Warming Program as well, including in trade finance in the sale of important kenaf pulp to Japan, and other worldwide market.

Such relationships signal a new form of cooperation between our respective countries and the developing countries in particular.

Diamond Point Ltd. Group recognizes and admires the significant and rapid progress of certain countries in Africa that has made a growing of its economy by adopting new technological know-how and in the process improving the quality of life of the people of the African Region in particular.

We look forward in providing Diamond Point Ltd. Group’s expertise in the above financial and management undertaking, including, in particular in sharing our relationships in technological innovation in various fields of endeavor.  We thank again in choosing our Diamond Point Ltd.Group as your “Partner in Progress.”


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