Manchester Airport Transformation Project, England

£1Bn development extending Manchester airports T2 to enable the demolition and rebuilding of the old Terminal 1 Building.

  • A transformed Terminal 2 expanded by 140 percent with a direct link to a revamped Terminal 3 (taking potential passenger capacity from around 25m to 50m).
  • New Air Side Transfer Facilities so passengers can walk directly from aircraft to terminal.
  • Links so connecting passengers don’t have to leave the buildings.
  • Improved and automated bag check-in and faster security.
  • A new US pre-clearance facility so passengers can get through immigration, customs and agricultural inspection before boarding their flight.
  • Around 50 food and drink outlets.
  • More stands and piers for aircraft.
  • Improved infrastructure around the airport with good links to the £800m Airport City.


BP2 Website Photo
William Pendlebury, Co-Chairman – Director and President, Diamond Point, led our company in this major project.

Proposed Air Side Development of New T2 Extension providing docking and taxiing facilities for all new aircraft including the New A380.

Diamond Point Ltd. worked with both Jacobs Consultants and HLPP to provide air side services to docked aircraft such as auto docking stations, FEGP air side 400Hz power units, apron general lighting and follow me lighting systems throughout the new runway and apron sections.

They were also responsible for the design and co ordination of two new sub stations along the runway and all internal electrical distribution, containment and power outlets and diversion works throughout the site.

Proposed New Food Hall within the Terminal.
Work progressing on the new terminal building and new multi-story car park.
Proposed New Departures Hall
Proposed New Airport Drop Off and Approach Road
Proposed New Baggage Reclaim Areas

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