Message from Jamie Adams, Presidential Assistant, Production & Quality Manager

jamie adamsPrevious to Diamond Point Ltd I have worked in a less senior role at other companies and seen failure after failure due to inconsistencies, ignorance, lack of control and general failure in initial approaches to projects and project set up. I have always been very vocal about this and it is refreshing to have been given the opportunity to ensure projects are started correctly and are run smoothly. Over the past three years I have worked with the Diamond Point Ltd directors and I have had no such complaints

I am responsible for ensuring all contacts to the company are professionally dealt with and that all the systems which interlink each department and other companies in the group are operational and working satisfactorily. I report directly to William (Bill) Pendlebury of anything I find.

I also look after the production system for drawings through our Revit and CAD Desk systems ensuring all projects are set up correctly at the very start ensuring quality output to our client base.

I have worked with Bill for three years and Mike for four years and understand what their stringent requirements for our clients are, which we have always been able to meet.

I am proficient with Revit modelling, CAD based design, Building services and architectural co ordination and strategic document control and business management.

Here at Diamond point I have always strived to meet with the client and provide a good level of comfort in them knowing they are in safe and professional hands.

The Diamond Point Ltd company is a happy ship and this produces a good level of design, information, structured procedure, documentary advice and thorough document review and commentary.

In our company, quality is not an act, it is a habit. It is my job to ensure it stays that way.

Thank you for your time spent visiting us.

Jamie Adams

Presidents Personal Assistant and production/ quality manager.

Diamond Point Ltd