Message from Jim Braddock, Co-Chairman & Co-CEO – Director


Jim BraddockYour presence in viewing our website is much appreciated. This website that you are about to explore is not just about our business. Instead, it is a tabulation of our perspicacity and wisdom. We hope that you enjoy this website as much as we did as we were creating it for you. Being a business developer, risk manager, and a trade and finance specialist, we developed ways that will ensure a harmonious flow for your business.

“Diamond Point Ltd. is committed to contributing to social and economic development as well as to the betterment of people’s daily lives by helping resolve social issues through business activities as a responsible member of the global community. We believe that it is our “Diamond Point Ltd. Mission” to provide higher value in this way. Diamond Point Ltd. will continue to relish great challenges and work to outperform the top players in business fields and markets across the world, aiming to become a true global company that contributes to both regional economies and society.” 

Diamond Point Ltd. is the accumulation of friends, colleagues and partners.

Here, we gather individuals, top in their respective fields, and you with your business venture meet. May your business be in agri-business, new technology, realty and property, finance and banking, mining and natural resources, or, any venture or trends that you want to pursue, our team, with experienced and well-discerned individuals, will pose a guarantee of accomplishments with highest regards.

Again, our gratitude for your time to visit our website. We hope that you’d go over all the links and read through and through. We hope you experience “US” in your readings and see how we will clearly fit in your business ventures. For in Diamond Point Ltd., we move in every movement together with you.

Jim Braddock

Co-Chairman & Co-CEO – Director

Diamond Point Ltd.


Co-Chairman & Co-CEO – Director of Diamond Point Ltd.

Born: London, United Kingdom on September 17, 1938

Educated at The London Oratory, London, UK

Studied Mechanical & Electrical Engineering at the Brunel College, London, Gaining HNC. Full Apprenticeship at Napiers Aero Engineering.

Joined Metropolitan Police, London: On Promotion Joined the Criminal Investigation Department and was involved in areas of  criminal investigation Specialized in Fraud Investigation and

Joined British Petroleum as Risk Manager

Presently Chairman and Director of several companies involved in financial services, international trade, oil and gas and other oil derivatives, and various business activities worldwide.