Message from Michael J Spencer, Director of M.E.P Services

Mike spencerDiamond point Ltd is a company which, as all companies, are in business to make a profit, but with an added aim which is apparent in our work culture, we strive to make a difference.

We strongly believe that design creates culture, culture shapes values and our values determine the future.

We have a very strong and diverse team who are happy to come to work and push to make that difference, to stand up and be counted and to go that extra yard.
Our disciplines throughout the design department are varied and particular, we have the ability to attack a project on a global scale or to hone it on the minutest of detail to make that difference.

My background as a director of many previous companies, and as a project programmer and Mechanical Engineer has provided me with the insight of how important every project has to be, not only to our clients but to our workforce and to complete a project to everyone’s satisfaction, we must first get the principles and the staffing expertise and levels right. We do our best not to push for quantity, but concentrate on quality, which, in my experience, saves everyone time and money.

I sincerely hope that we can work with more prestigious clients and on more ground breaking projects and that we provide you, the reader, at some point in the future with the experience of excellence which we promote.

Thank you for reading my statement and visiting our website.

Mike Spencer C Eng BSc Hons
Director of MEP Services