Message from William Pendlebury

BP2 Website PhotoAs our Chairman and colleague, Jim Braddock has stated, our mission is to contribute to “social and economic development as well as to the betterment of people’s daily lives by helping resolve social issues through business activities as a responsible member of the global community”.

But this does not stop there. We feel that we have a responsibility to bring to the table more economic and greener solutions to our daily lives for such as ergonomics, logistics and sustainable energies, not just because we have to, but also because we can do.

Diamond point Ltd has been operational since 1992 and in the 25 years of its existence; it has produced some fine designs for many world class companies and their projects.

This has been achieved by close collaboration with other disciplines and clients throughout each project stage.

We pride ourselves in listening to clients, stake holders and end users alike and managing to interpret their needs accurately and base our designs to meet with them.

Diamond Point Ltd is deeply involved in designing more efficient heating, ventilation, lighting and power generating systems and this together with the incorporation of new innovative equipment never seen before, helps to achieve seemingly impossible high values.

We employ only the finest personnel, all of whom are sympathetic to every client goal put in front of them and who have been handpicked for each task. This way, we have never and will never disappoint any of our clients.

We are a company made up of friends, colleagues and partners, but most importantly, the company make up includes you.

I would like to personally thank you for visiting and hope that sometime in the future, we may be of help to you

William Pendlebury BSc

Co Chairman, Director and President.

Diamond Point Ltd