Petrochemical Products

Your Reputable and Reliable Partner for Global Trading of Crude Oil, Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), D-2, D-6, Jet Fuel, and other Oil and Gas Derivatives.

International Trade

We are your window to reach worldwide success. Experience the fast and efficient avenue we created through our global influences, investments and partnerships.

Research, Development and Design

The One-Stop-Shop Plethora of Building and Design Expertise in Architecture, Structural Engineering, Project Management and M.E.P services.

Structured Project Finance & Financial Services

Diamond Point Ltd. is a consultancy-financial services organization. This partnership offered solutions to project structured finance and sovereign guarantees from friendly countries. Diamond Point Ltd. also offers funding services to reputable clients such as private and public organizations, various corporations, governments and institutions worldwide. Diamond Point Ltd. has been providing services and participates in activities…

Construction & Development

The construction and development division within the Diamond Point Ltd. company business operate as a project management team who procure the correct operatives and builders/installers for each particular project, be it a new project, a development of an existing project or a refurbishment of an existing structure. This division is backed by the full resources…